I used to teach people how to bake bread. In particular, I taught them how to knead bread. This page served to record the easily written parts of the recipe. But now, people don't knead bread, so it's easier to teach in writing. NYT has the most famous no-knead recipe with a good track record of people learning from a written recipe. Here is mine.

300g flour
240g water
10g salt
3g yeast
bake 500 degrees for about 30 minutes
makes one cookie sheet

Add salt and yeast to water. Wait a couple minutes for the yeast to soak up water and become fuzzy.

Slowly add more flour, maybe in 3 steps, mixing with a spatula. Thoroughly mix so that it is uniform consistency. It should look wet.

Cover and rise overnight.

Oil cookie sheet.

Wet hands. Pour dough into pile on cookie sheet. Scrape dough out of bowl with hands.

Bake in oven. As hot as possible. About 30 minutes at 500 degrees. This varies by oven; watch and use judgement.

I have made the above basic recipe. Start simple.
I usually also do the following:

pan of boiling water at bottom of oven
bread flour
20% whole wheat
parchment paper instead of oil
remove loaf from cookie sheet halfway through
cut into smaller loaves on a wet cutting board

I also use a starter, which is a longer story.